SPARQ Case is one of the most unique cases in the world. With it's USB lighter it puts this case second to none. Sleek and stylish design while maintaining strong protection from shock and falls.

How to use:

1) Insert smartphone into phone case

2) With your finger, drag down slider on the back of the case

3) Hold for 3 seconds

4) Light cigarette and release!

5) *Turn lighter feature on/off by sliding 3x

Built-in Lighter

Metallic coil lighter is built into the phone case. This works the same way as the lighter in your car. With under five watts of heat energy, this makes the phone case not only unique, but very safe to use. Just enough to light one cigarette, but not damage the phone!

Protective Cover
Childproof safety technology is designed to automatically shut off when slider is left open. This feature prevents the lighter from accidentally lighting itself, making it extremely safe to use. Also pull the slider 3x to turn on/off the lighter feature, to ensure safety when not in use.

USB Port
This allows for easy recharge. Charge your SPARQ case from any iPhone power adapter, laptop computer or desktop. (USB charger is included in every order).

Charging Indicator
When the case is being charged, blue light will appear to indicate it is being charged.

Long Battery Life
When you charge your SPARQ case for three hours, it can last up to one week depending on how often you light your cigarette.

Protective Case
Protects your phone from scratches, dirt and phone drops. Made of high quality polycarbonate plastic. Flexible enough for easy phone removal.